Weeknotes 4, 5, and part of 6

I’m actually not really sure what week we are on, just that I’ve definitely missed a couple. And I apologize for keeping you so neglected, dear (potentially nonexistent) blog readers. I have a good excuse though!

The time for Deep Pondering is over, and implementation is in full swing!

This week is spring break, and I’m spending every day coding as fast as I can. Pieces are are coming together: creating invitations, replying to invitations, user accounts & profiles, viewing and selecting recipes, joining cooking rooms, and a snazzy new homepage! The goal is to get as close as I can to a finished MVP by the end of the week. Then next week will be applying the final polish, fixing bugs, and general developmental housekeeping.

And, with all luck, we will have a funky little working prototype to play with in late March!

I am excited, but let’s use all that excited energy to get coding, shall we?

So, back to work I go!