Character study?

During last week’s thesis workgroup, we were introduced to the idea of getting to know our audiences through character studies. A character study is not the same thing as a persona. Personas exist to help us envision an entire demographic at a time, and the end result is often a rather bland portrait of Pure Averageness. A character, on the other hand, is far more like a human being: idiosyncratic, unpredictable and contradictory…

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A goal hierarchy diagram

While writing my final thesis proposal this week, I found it helpful to draw a diagram situating my intervention in a broader context. This diagram explains how the simple intervention of convincing more people to cook could potentially lead to a positive change in the US food system.

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Value : pain

One should always aim for a positive value to pain ratio. I was thinking about this today while wandering around in, of all places, Costco, and staring at, of all things, canned corn.

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