Process process process…

Design is not just a noun, it’s a verb; it’s not merely what the result is, but how you arrived at it. To this end, time and attention has been devoted to devising the perfect design process.

But in truth, there are as many processes as there are people in this world.

Here is what I know about myself: I love to make things, and I have this crazy, largely untested idea. Who knows if it will survive? Prosper? Save the world?┬áBut people seem to enjoy using it. I know that it has added, in the span of 2 short prototypes, a small amount of happiness and enjoyment to the world. But it’s something.

Despite all that I’ve been taught at SVA IxD about time-tested stakeholder-approved professional design processes, I’ve decided to pursue my own, iterative approach. In lieu of a well-traveled road to success paved with concept maps and KJ Analyses, I’ve just decided to take the plunge.

There will be very little wall-of-sticky-notes brainstorming from here on out (not that there was much to begin with… oops). Expect to see a lot of really quickly written code that only sort of works, and a lot of complaints from people who have tried to use it.