How to launch a thesis prototype

First, you put aside all your ‘proper’ thesis deliverables to the fullest extent.

Second, you make a board on Trello. You make a column for every day leading up to launch. And you distribute all the tasks you have to do evenly across those columns. This is how to ensure you don’t go totally insane: by going equally insane for a bunch of days in a row.

Third, you code, design, think, design, and code some more. This happens in every spare chance you get, barring classes, sleeping, and food. If you must take a shower, make decisions in the shower. And when you get out, run to Evernote to write down what you thought of.

And finally, the launch date is upon you. So you put aside those features you didn’t get to put in after all, tidy things up as much as possible, and move everything you’ve made into a live site.

Then you tweet. And you write emails. And you wait.

There is a brief burst of excitement, congratulations, and admiration. And it feels awesome! Something is out there, and people are using it!

But the thrill subsides as quickly as it comes. Thirty-six hours later, you are consumed with what’s left to be done, with what potential has yet to be achieved.

For instance, Hotpot still doesn’t recognize time zones…

And you’re behind on blogging again…

And you should probably get to those thesis deliverables at some point… because it’s now April.

But for now, sleep—where visions of people making sugarplums via video chat will dance in my head.

  1. If only it had a sugar plum recipe =P

    - Jing (Apr 7 at 3:48 am)